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increase in profit after two years for participants of PI Training in Togo


times higher profit growth for participants of PI Training in Togo


increase in the number of 

employees after one year 

for participants of PI Training in Uganda


increase in sales after one year for entrepreneurs who attended PI Training in Uganda

PI Impact

The PI Training creates an impact through increasing entrepreneurial success 



The impact of Personal Initiative (PI) Training is manifold. First, it changes the mindset of entrepreneurs, which enables them to identify new opportunities, act on them quickly, develop better ideas on how to influence their environment, get more feedback and persist in the pursuit of their new ideas. Second, by providing an effective entrepreneurship training in low- and middle-income economies all over the world, we as implementing partner support the growth of local businesses, and thereby contribute to poverty reduction. Third, we help policy makers and practitioners alike to develop better educational programs for entrepreneurs. The PI Training is based on scientific evidence, and research meets the highest scientific quality standards by utilizing randomized controlled trials (RCTs). RCTs are the only approach that allows to draw causal conclusions and to better understand the conditions and mechanisms by which entrepreneurship trainings affect business success.


PI Training has been implemented in the context of several internationally funded research projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. PI Training is evaluated using multiple measurement waves. In Togo, for example, its impact was assessed over a period of more than two years. Below, you find some facts and figures from Leuphana University's research in Uganda and Togo (see Glaub et al., 2014; Campos et al., 2017).


What Participants Say


The training has changed my life more than my business.

The Personal Initiative Training opened my eyes,

enabling me to grow my business in new and exciting ways.

This training is very helpful for me. The business was

dying and it has been reactivated because of this training.

Just make it available for all business persons,

it would make a difference on people first, then on society.

I have to say that I am very satisfied with the training and very grateful for giving me the opportunity to participate. Thank you! 

My wife is so much more passionate about running her own business now. PI Training is like adding fuel to the fire.

- A participant's husband


PI Training Projects


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