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"We are passionate about creating positive impact via entrepreneurship and empowering people"

Our Vision

What we believe in

To open doors and empower individuals to actively shape their own paths.

Our Mission

What we do

Provide evidence-based, action-oriented training and build a network of global training partners that share and support our vision.

Our Team

Who we are

  • We are a team of three experts with more than a decade of combined experience in designing, conducting, and evaluating entrepreneurship training programs in the global South.
  • We have mixed academic backgrounds (Psychology, Business Administration, Economics), and are all pursuing PhDs related to entrepreneurship.
  • We have experiences in implementing training programs in 10+ countries all over the world (Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe). In this context, we have worked with project partners such as The World Bank's Africa Gender Innovation Lab, FAO, German UNESCO Commission, DAAD, microfinance institutions, universities, and local implementation partners.
Jakob Weers
Carina Bohlayer
Benjamin Scharweit

Our Training Programs & Services

We promote entrepreneurship by developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions and training programs that foster entrepreneurial thinking and behavior. In our training programs, we use evidence-based training contents and apply action-oriented training approaches. Research has shown that action-oriented approaches, in which participants are learning by doing, outperform other (more conventional and lecture-based) training courses. While our training programs are based on scientific evidence and have been evaluated to the highest empirical standards, we are aware that no intervention is ever perfect. We therefore continuously re-evaluate our training programs to further deepen the theoretical and practical understanding of how our programs can be most effective in benefitting participants, societies and the environment. To this end, we invest in creating new training designs and formats in line with the UN's SDGs. Among these are...

Training Programs

Personal Initiative (PI) Training
PI Training is the training program that aims at enhancing personal initiative behavior in individuals that either have their own business (all sectors incl. agriculture) or have already started their professional careers as employees.
Personal Initiative (PI) Training
Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP)
STEP is our entrepreneurship training program targeted particularly at individuals with limited or no entrepreneurial experience. Strengthening entrepreneurial thinking and skills is beneficial both for starting a business and for wage-employment.
Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP)
Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Michael Frese
Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik

Consulting Services

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about effective training design and rigorous impact evaluations.
  • New Training Development
  • Improving Existing Training Designs
  • Rigorous Impact Evaluations

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